Current Canine Influenza Outbreak

Between July and October 2021, approximately 800 confirmed and suspected cases of K9 Influenza (CIV H3N2) have been reported in dogs of LA County. Sadly, 7 deaths in dogs have been associated with this outbreak. There was a substantial increase in dog adoptions during quarantine and as these “pandemic pups” and their owners are returning to normalcy, dogs are more vulnerable to the illness. Group settings such as dog parks, and boarding facilities have been a main contributor to the outbreak. There are a number of cases that have never visited a boarding or daycare facility, but were exposed while on walks in their neighborhood, at dog parks, or groomers. This virus has spread rapidly among dogs throughout LA County, affecting many facilities. To date, this is the largest outbreak of CIV H3N2 ever reported in LA County.

At Vet Care, our Canine Influenza vaccine protects dogs against both strains of CIV (H3N2/H3N8) for optimum protection. To stop the spread of this outbreak, we advise all pet parents to get their dogs vaccinated against this virus for the health and safety of their pets.

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